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2 min readMay 11, 2022

There’s this misconception about protein powder out there.

Many think it’s somehow magical while others think they can’t see results if they don’t take it daily.

In fact, some people still think there’s this 30-minute anabolic window where if they don’t take it after their workout, they are not maximizing protein synthesis and all the progress they tried will be wasted.

Well, here’s something to consider.

Protein powder is helpful, but at the same time, it can be useless.

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Here’s what I mean.

There’s nothing special about protein powder and it will never be.


The answer is in what protein powder is… a supplement.

That means that it’s no way any better (or special) than 120g of chicken, a can of tuna, or any other protein you like.

Protein powder is helpful when you take it knowing that you may not hit your protein macros on a specific day for any reason.

Maybe you went outside and didn’t have anything cooked when you went back home.

Or maybe you simply couldn’t cook enough protein.

That’s where protein powder is very helpful.

But if you think it’s special and that it will somehow get insane results when you take it (or even lose progress if you don’t),…

then it becomes useless.

The good thing is…

out of all the supplements out there, protein powder is one of the 3 that can actually make some difference in your progress.

But according to the pyramid of fat loss,…

supplements are the least important factor to help you lose fat (or gain muscle).

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Whatever the case…

Don’t think that supplements in general (not only protein) are anything special.

And if you see someone who’s drinking their protein shake after they workout “to not lose their gainzzz”, run away.

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