The only way to stick to your fat loss diet

Ivan @ Fitnessthetic
2 min readNov 10, 2022


No matter what diet you follow, if you can’t stick to it… you won’t see lasting results.

Here’s why.

Let’s say you want to do something like intermittent fasting to lose fat.

But on the 5th day, you feel like going through hell.

You can’t resist the idea of eating, you keep thinking about food all those hours you’re fasting…

and you are hungry during those fasting hours.

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Sadly, this is where most people think that “Intermittent fasting doesn’t work” and quit the diet.

Not sure how worse is to just quit eating, but that’s not the point of this.

Doing something like this was destined to fail in the first place.


Simply because you didn’t pay attention to what really matters with any diet.

The only way to stick to a diet (and to then keep the results) is to do something that works for you.

I’ve talked about this already, but it’s worth mentioning again.

I see people who go the keto route or the IF (or any diet for that matter), thinking it’s the best (or only) way to lose fat…

but if they actually feel like dieting, they are already going uphill.

Plus, I know this isn’t sexy or has some great mechanism behind it, yet…

It’s the most important way to not only lose fat but ultimately keep it.

Those who ignore this or think they will be fine are usually the ones who keep going diet after diet.

And I don’t want that for anyone.

The goal of dieting for fat loss should be to do something that’s sustainable and that you don’t even feel like dieting, yet you see the results (and in a predictable way).

Focus on this alone and you’ll be much more likely to lose weight (mostly, fat)… and keep that weight off.

Eating should be something you enjoy doing every time, not something you just see as a means to get the body you want.

That’s all for now,

Ivan @ Fitnessthetic

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Ivan @ Fitnessthetic

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