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How to lose weight regardless of your age
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Let me be clear on this thing with diets… with losing fat, to be precise.

Whether you’re 13, 43… or 71, it only matters one thing when you want to lose those extra pounds.

That thing is that you eat below your current maintenance calories.


So let me give you an example:

When I started this journey at 13, I was about 46–50kg with 15% body fat.

At that time, my maintenance calories were about 2300–2500 kcal.

So for me to create a deficit to start losing weight, I had to start at ~2000 kcal and track the progress.

Right now, I’m 23.

I weigh about 77kg with (what my scale says, but I know it’s not the actual number — it’s way higher and it doesn’t really matter) 15% body fat.

My maintenance calories were at 2700 kcal, so for me to create a deficit I dropped them to 2300kcal.

So why does this matter to you?

Because I’ve taken the same approach with friends and family (who are from 35 to 55).

So this shows you that regardless of your age, you can lose weight… you’ll need to adapt the approach of course, yet the process is the same.

The only thing that matters is that you should eat according to your current situation and goals.

That’s why I hate those programs (and even 90 day challenges) that give you a generic diet or guidelines.

There’s no wonder why from the people that lose some weight, months go by and they not only have gained all their weight back, but then add some…

It’s one reason why most people who follow this type of plan are constantly dieting and trying to find “that diet” that helps them lose weight for good… “that diet” being keto, fasting, probiotics, or whatnot.

But since you’re here, you know it’s different.

All you need to know is your maintenance calories and start creating a deficit from there… but default, you’ll be taking into account other factors like age, weight, and even sex.

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