How many meals should you eat to lose fat? Science says…

Ivan @ Fitnessthetic
2 min readNov 19, 2022

Let me ask you a question:

What’s the ideal number of meals you should have daily to lose fat?

  1. 3 meals
  2. 4 meals
  3. 5 meals
  4. 6 meals
  5. 7+ meals

Now, before I share the answer, let me share with you something.

We all have heard that to lose fat, we need to eat less (kinda common sense, and for many over-simplistic… but that’s not the point here).

And one thing it’s been taken as a fact is that meal frequency is a determining factor in helping you lose fat.

From there, eating 5 meals a day has been what’s heard and advised the most.

But you don’t have to eat 5 times per day to lose fat.

Neither 3, 4, 7… or any number you can think of.

Here’s why.

Photo by Luisa Brimble on Unsplash

Research has shown real frequency has little to no impact on the process of fat loss.

Sure, you need to eat frequently enough so you’re not hungry all day long and feeling like you’re starving.

But that doesn’t mean that how many times you eat will determine your success in fat loss.

I say this because I’ve seen how hard it’s for some people to eat 5 meals a day, yet…

they do it because “that’s what they told them”.

So know that you will be just as fine if you were to eat in one meal (although I don’t advise it) or in 10 meals.

What matters is if you’re using the building block of all diets.

That’s what will really determine whether you end up losing fat or not.

Just keep in mind you shouldn’t feel like “dieting” and starving yourself, justifying that as part of the process and making you believe it’s the way to lose fat and keep it off.

So if you feel that you will be fine by eating 3 meals a day and it fits your lifestyle, go ahead.

If you think you’ll be better off by doing 6–7 meals, great.

Do what works for you… not what you hear online is “the only way.”

Just keep that in mind.

Ivan @ Fitnessthetic

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Ivan @ Fitnessthetic

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